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32CH Professional DVR

  • 32CH Professional DVR
  • 32CH Professional DVR

  • 32CH Professional DVR
Product Features:
This industry standard DVR is especially designed for commercial video monitoring. It is integrated the advanced design of embedded module, the structure works extremely stable, and it adopts H.264 compression format, the recording picture can be CIF. Functions include recording, network multi-sites monitoring, alarm, matrix and keyboard access etc. With its high performance and favorable price, it can be widely applied to office building, shopping mall, road, supermarket, hotel, school, hospital, factory, community etc.
Excellent Performance:
1  Adopt MPEG4/H.264 compression format, support double code flow function, can perfectly solve the conflict between record definition and network bandwidth; Synchronous compression of the audio& video,  recording resolution quality can be CIF.
2  Support fixed and variable code flow, five levels picture quality for selection, you can set code flow and recording frames according to your needs.
3  Every channel can be set independently; support multiple recording modes: manual, timing, alarm, motion detection, and have prerecord function. Multiple operations can work simultaneously; include record, replay, network transmission, PTZ control, system setup and so on.
4  Can display on TV wall directly without decode (optional); with high definition VGA output, picture quality can be CIF.
5  Multiple channels can replay synchronously, there are various modes: fast forward, fast reverse, pause, singe frame, upper segment, latter segment, segment head, segment end, mute, etc.
6  Support various alarm modes: video mask, video lost, HDD failure, password error, motherboard failure, and motion detection, alarm signal input, etc. Also have alarm relay output.
7  Support Max 4pcs 1000G HDD, HDD partition and raid, you can set HDD manual overwrite, automatically overwrite or non-overwrite; you can also choose HDD dormancy to prolong its working life. Support several ways of backup: CD-RW / DVD-RW, USB backup, network backup etc, you can backup the important video record at anytime.
8  Support PTZ control communication port RS485, RS422, RS232. Built-in multiple PTZ communication protocols. With various functions: preset position, cruise, track, assist switch, etc.
Convenient operation:
1  GUI graphic interface, two-dimension vector menu, support USB mouse control, you can operate all the functions by simply clicking the mouse as if operate on your PC.
2  Support different languages: Chinese, English, Russian and etc, you can choose Chinese /English input.
3  With one-key search and backup function. Only a press, you can finish search and backup, greatly improve the operation efficiency.
4  You can preset any combination of recording modes; it will automatically resume all recording data and scheduled setup after power failure. Once setup, permanent performance, really realized automatically monitoring.
 Powerful Network function:
1  Powerful internal network centralization management module, support LAN, WAN, private network. Alarm image automatically upload, electronic map etc.
2  Allow at most 64 users login simultaneously through IE or client software.
3  Support remote setup, status inquiry, restart, time adjustment, online upgrade etc.
Excellent security performance:
1  Three levels user authority: Administrator, user and operator. 128 bit data password protection, to assure security of data storage, backup, network transmission.
2  Automatically lock up the panel timely.
3  Support image mask and watermark for record.